People who feed my brain and spirit, make me laugh until I cry, or make me cry, rage, or rejoice, but always, always, make me think. See reading list at bottom of page.

Black Girl in Maine
Class Rage Speaks
Free Range in Suburbia
Hyperbole and a Half
I'm A Young Feminist
Jive Turkey
Junkfood Science
Kelly Hogaboom
Mad World: Bitch Media
Native Appropriations
Paul Graham Essays
PhD in Parenting
Raising My Boychick
Resist Racism
Seth Godin
Spiral Goddess Grove
Shapely Prose
Spilt Milk
The Curvature
The Fat Nutritionist
The Rotund
What Privilege?

Required Reading

Feminist Parenting: The Larger Picture

Women and Children: Oppressed Citizens

The Adult Privilege Checklist

Never Violence: A story told by Astrid Lindgren

Better To Be A Teen Mom? Author Hilary Mantel Says Maybe

How Children Are Not Perceived As Equally Human

Dancing between the tables: on the personhood of children

Raising him purple: a defense of gender neutrality in early childhood

Spoiled Rotten? Spoiled Ripe!

Checking Your Privilege 101

The White Anti-Racist is an Oxymoron

we dont need another anti-racism 101

How Not To Be A Dick To Your Black Friend

Stop Being Shocked By isms

Derailing for Dummies

Conservatives, "political correctness" and the incredibly offensive unfunniness of "Saturday Night Live"

Shakesville: Rape Culture 101

Regarding Grief: Dearly Departed Dos & Dont's

Complicated Grief of Unacceptable Grief?

Poor people aren't supposed to want nice things

Food Stamp Etiquette: Human Kindness

Of Love And Money

“How else would you have us say it?”

The Fat Nutritionist: If only poor people understood nutrition!

Junkfood Science: How we’ve come to believe that overeating causes obesity

Shame on shame: fat acceptance, fatphobia, and fitness

The Fantasy of Being Thin

Acceptance is not 'giving up"

Fat Acceptance: Introducing the Self Esteem Warriors 

The Right Not To Work: Power and Disability


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