Some things we do to practice sustainability - this is neither a complete list or an expectation that anyone else has the means, ability, desire or need to to do any of the following.

  • Secular Paganism
  • embrace radical homemaking
  • question needs vs. wants
  • do without
  • embrace frugality
  • donate to, buy from thrift stores, freecycle
  • reuse, mend it, use what we have, wear it out
  • share resources
  • buy green energy
  • recycle 50% or more of our waste
  • small footprint, recycled old home
  • insulate home, make green changes as able
  • heat set at 62F, wear layers, wool blankets
  • no a/c, use shutters, sea breeze, ceiling fans
  • limit chemicals in home
  • clothesline laundry
  • know our farmers
  • eat local, buy local
  • food, not lawns
  • organic garden, compost, plant intensively
  • our garden is both Certified Wildlife Habitat and Certified Bee Friendly
  • reel mower, rechargeable weed whacker
  • eat at home
  • pack meals for days out
  • drink tap water, use steel water bottles
  • cloth napkins
  • make coffee at home
  • make, put-by, preserve, can, ferment, freeze food
  • bake own bread, bake from scratch
  • eat whole foods, mostly meatless
  • bulk buy groceries, co-op
  • cloth shopping bags
  • question travel
  • organize errands efficiently, combine trips/carpool
  • indie bookstores, use the library
Associated Buyers
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Crown O' Maine Organic Cooperative
Cultivating Community
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Get Real, Get Maine
Habitat For Humanity-ReStore
Kitchen Gardeners
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Maine Green Building Supply
Maine Interfaith Power & Light
Maine Organic Gardeners and Farmers Association
National Wildlife Federation
Portland Food Co-op of Maine
Portland Maine Winter Farmers' Market
Project Laundry List
Saco Farmers' Market
Saco River Winter Market
Taproot Magazine


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