Thursday, June 30, 2016

Yuletide Postcards 2015 - Moving To A New Blog

I'm still constructing our new website, On Bradstreet Farm, and I am wrapping up 2015 here. This blog is archived at our new site. This Yuletide post will be the final On Bradstreet blog post. I hope you will join us On Bradstreet Farm!

December found us in a celebratory mood and relishing in all our usual seasonal merry-making, though it was different not having Olivia home for most of the month.  We also took on a small renovation project in our kitchen when we purchased a much needed larger fridge which meant a reconfigured layout. And while Olivia wasn't completely satisfied with the academic or social offerings at her college (and she was filling out transfer and scholarship applications in the midst of finals), she was wrapping up a successful semester. Meanwhile, Adam was putting in extra hours at his work during the busy holiday season. We sometimes felt our empty nest, but mostly we found our days full of ritual and activity.


dropping Olivia back at school for the last weeks of her first semester 
morning Max
cutting snowflakes
seasonal decorating begins
snowflakes and candles
We three went in search of a Yule tree, and Olivia would join us later in December for celebrations. 
The 16 1/2-year old, Adam. 
Alex and Amy, our 25 Yule 
an easy supper for an evening of tree decorating 
our Yule tree
chicken coop wreath 
our newly spruced up chicken coop
happy hens
cranky Avis
Blanche and Avis
front of the house
old skates and winterberry
reindeer and Santa, a gift from Alex, Yule 2014, made by our friend Phoebe
moved and rewrapped the duck hut
feeling the season 
you can tell this is Blanche, one of our two black Jersey Giants because of her white eyebrows
peas, a favorite duck treat - sadly, we lost one of our ducks from reasons not quite known
the chickens finally getting over their molt 
the newly configured kitchen layout- we moved the stove to the north wall and put the fridge where the stove used to live
finally, a bigger fridge to accommodate fresh eggs and lots of produce 
Alex then extended the counter and upper shelves into the corner, which meant we gained a good amount of work space
our garlic 
Olivia is home, done with her first semester of college (with a 4.0, thank you! And she was awarded a significant renewable art scholarship from UMaine!) and of course the first thing we do is don some closet cosplay for the Star Wars: Force Awakens opening night. 
the white t-shirt baking brigade 
solstice cake 
our holiday greeting photo 
our wispy solstice tree 
solstice night 
cherished tree ornaments 
Ginger hangs out with Wobbling Bob
together again, decorating cookies- a rare moment considering Adam's long days at work 
the kids made a beautiful gingerbread house, Santa Eve 
Santa Day

stockings and paperwhites
gingerbread house
shiny bright
favorite Yuletide books
welcoming the sun
white pottery and a painting by Olivia 
sun catcher
gingerbread animals for Yule
a little kitschy cheer
the sun returns 
our Yuletide family room
these two goobers 
wannabe bee man
now just needs bees 
Christmas dinner with Ridge Pond Farm folks, Cari and Mike
Cari flambes her uncle's traditional plum pudding
oh yes, and I made about 90 English muffins Santa Eve so that all our friends and family could have egg and cheese sandwiches for breakfast
so good, right? 
Boxing Day dinner with family
creamy corn chowder, salad, baked ham, yeast rolls
exchanging gifts
Aunt Jane
sunset stroll around the farm
December sun
a good day with family comes to an end
celebrating New Year's Eve in beautiful Belfast
midnight bonfire on the beach
willing and wishing my children a happy new year

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