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Postcards From the Farm, Autumn 2015

While I'm still constructing our new website, On Bradstreet Farm, I am wrapping up 2015 here, and this blog is archived at our new site.

Autumn 2015 was full of worry, hope, and finally, jubilation. With a lot of white knuckling it, tears, kind and loving support from family and dear friends, and stubborn determination on our part, we resolved a crisis that had gripped us in pain and frustration for eighteen long, horrible months. By end of October, with Olivia away at school and the three of us here at the farm, we received our good news and with some trepidation and huge sighs of relief, things were set right. We could proceed with our plans, live at our farm, and know it was alright. With that chapter closed, we looked to focusing again on the house, the farm, and our beloved rituals marking the seasons.

September - Common Ground Country Fair

Olivia and Adam
Pie Cones
Olivia, activist
Preserving and recording Maine's apples
Alex at the orchard discussion
Alex, Olivia, and Adam 
Great attendance 
Pie Cones favorites 
Grateful for my hat
Amanda visited us after the fair, bearing gifts


down east views
Over the Penobscot River
Olivia's first weekend home 
Exploring the art department at UMaine
on the Bold Coast, on the trip back from Machias
leaning house
we begin to take down the old tent garage
shed spiderweb
created a potting area in back of the garage
Olivia home for October break
our woods road 
the chicken run's autumnal view
Our friends Liz & Mark and their dog Gus visit
Good dog, Gus
Liz, Mark, & Gus
remains of the garden
the Penobscot Narrows bridge at night and me working through my gephyrophobia
a pleasant spot outside our kitchen
Bradstreet Brook
woods road
Adam at the crossroads
autumn color from our stoop
the wild turkeys return 
Choosing our pumpkins at a local farm 
poor chickens and their late season molt
Bernice enjoying some borage from the garden before the frost 
ash tree sentinel 
decorated for Halloween/Samhain
our east stoop
every local knows this blueberry field and tree in Liberty
a road in Liberty
at the Palermo Farmer's Market, and our friend Cari offers her wonderful teas and body care products
selling our duck and chicken eggs at the Palermo Farmer's Market
carving our pumpkins, plus one for Olivia
autumn house 
Samhain table 

Halloween treats
storm trooper Adam 


 November sunset
We invited Olivia and her schoolmates and one professor to stop in for an early breakfast as they would pass right by our farm on the way from Machias to Boston. Homemade English muffin egg and cheese sandwiches, lots of coffee and tea, juice, and cinnamon rolls were offered and happily accepted. It was a really fun morning and it was great to meet all of them and see Olivia, briefly.
8am arrival! 
Olivia and the rest of the UMM group before hitting the road for Boston. 
In November, we finished work on the exterior of the chicken coop. All the old OSB siding was removed, we applied house wrap, we rebuilt and installed new storm windows, added 30-year exterior grade plywood siding, and painted everything. 
Poor Myrtle and her late, late, molt. 
The interior received a scrubbing and new trim for the new windows. 
Scrubbing nesting boxes. 
Alex building the roost. 
The coop, now insulated and with layers of fresh straw in place, made for a much warmer winter home.
One hen laid an egg immediately 
Happy hens enjoying their freshened space. 
We can see the lake from the house when the leaves are gone.
Come in and get warm. 
Adam and Max sweetness. 
Our dear friends Erika and Michael drove all the way up from CT (by way of CA) to stay with us for a weekend before their permanent move to California. 
Erika always has some fun new game to share. 
These two have been friends from the moment they met.
Zingers fly. 
Exploring Bradstreet Point. Safety first during hunting season. 
A short walk on our land. 
Alex gives a quick lesson on birch polypore. 
It's tradition to snap a photo of our friends in front of our wood shed. It was such a lovely visit. 
first snow
We always put up our exterior Yuletide greens in time for Thanksgiving. Wreath, decorated by me. 
Olivia, home for Thanksgiving, helps Alex put lights in the crabapple. 

Setting the table 
Rolls by me.
catching up 
Auntie Heather and her brother Alex 
turkey time 
Maple Cream Pie
Pecan Bars (instead of pecan pie--total win!) 

Card games, pie, and tea for afters. 

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  1. So happy to have made it onto On Bradstreet before it was retired and archived--yay! And a good reminder of two things: we're overdue for a drive up your way, and one of these days we've got you lure you down here for a meal and a visit! xo



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