Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Postcards From the Farm, Autumn 2015

While I'm still constructing our new website, On Bradstreet Farm, I am wrapping up 2015 here, and this blog is archived at our new site.

Autumn 2015 was full of worry, hope, and finally, jubilation. With a lot of white knuckling it, tears, kind and loving support from family and dear friends, and stubborn determination on our part, we resolved a crisis that had gripped us in pain and frustration for eighteen long, horrible months. By end of October, with Olivia away at school and the three of us here at the farm, we received our good news and with some trepidation and huge sighs of relief, things were set right. We could proceed with our plans, live at our farm, and know it was alright. With that chapter closed, we looked to focusing again on the house, the farm, and our beloved rituals marking the seasons.

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