Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Postcards From The Farm, Summer 2015

I figure you won't mind this flashback to summer as we wrap up the month of February. I'm still finding it challenging to blog on the regular but it bugs me to not have some record here of our lives over the last year, so here it is. I'll be posting more postcards and you can find me on Instagram. Be well, friends!

summer storm

new haircut for Olivia

sweet Khaki Campbell ducks 

late summer flowers

mama deer and her two fawns say hello to the chickens 

a knowing glance 

catch up little fawns! 

rainbow over the farm

absolutely loaded crabapple 

hot summer evening

after the rain

lots of tomatoes setting 

vine ripening 

red cabbage

summer squash maze

messy duck smile








cosmo fading 

we rebuilt and renovated the hall closets (before doors)

farm kitchen 

mood: relaxed

what's a farmhouse without a slamming screen door? 

summer kitchen

give me all the quilts

becoming home 

college kid meets dorm room 

little friends 

setting all to order

pretty space

will miss this kid but so pleased for her 

left Olivia at UMM and we headed to West Quoddy Head in Lubec

islands in the distance

West Quoddy Head

goldenrod signals late summer 

darling Adam 

bee doing its thing

lovely bee

hey Ethel 

I said hey Ethel

hey Ethel 

little Dotty 

yes, you're in charge, Gertrude, we know

"anymore grasshoppers?" 

kitchen bouquet

summer night 


Adam scores a job at Target at the end of July

onions, brassicas, tomatoes



cosmos and bachelor buttons 

time to go in and make supper 

queen Gertrude

late summer storms

colander for scale 

Olivia's last days home before school

new cut is fabulous


hello ducks 

late summer daily harvest

summer glow

morning light 

afternoon light 

family library/dining/studio space 

kitchen shelves

we need to sell some eggs


cauliflower breakfast 

Bradstreet Point

blueberry season

picking up our boxes of Ewing Fruit Company organic blueberries in Warren

painted a sign

now let's sell some eggs

let's get cooking...and baking

not back to school year 16 for this guy

Adam's a good poultry caretaker 

sweet Ginger 

evening house 


morning house

man finds childhood swim mask 

Claudia exploring

hello Doris and Dotty

mealworm hour

final swim in the lake

September evening

September lake 

firewood season

rogue sunflower

imperious Max

sunflower and shed window

getting in the wood, safety first 

woodshed light

hot September day

blessed Mabon, autumn equinox

fresh eggs

fire glow

first fall morning

first days of autumn 

the road home from Machias 

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  1. Missed your posts over the past several months. Your home is fantastic. Love every square inch of it. The grounds are amazing. what a wonderful place to call home. Will follow on instagram.



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