Saturday, August 23, 2008

Den of Bears

Well, the past four weeks have been a trying and emotional rollercoaster, and it's not over. First I hear that a friend's child has been hurt, by someone we all knew and admired, and basically it all goes down hill from there. And the worst thing was that nothing, not one thing was in the news about it. It felt like the story was being hidden, covered-up, not important enough, something. Not only was a child hurt, it could have been prevented. Had parents been informed, had the responsible parties done what they were supposed to do, had the law followed up it's end of many coulda shouldas and mostly a lot of WHYS?

So some of us parents worked long and hard to gather information, making long and heart-wrenching phone calls and insisting that the law come down hard on the resonsible people. Then we notified the press.
Here's the story.

And now our beloved local dance program is in dire jeopardy, and indeed, is most likely finished. So, so sad. All the kids involved have been hurt, at least emotionally. Their trust has been betrayed, they've had something fun, amazing and special taken away from them, and they can't help feeling duped--dumb even for daring to trust, for holding the dance memories dear--this has all been the result of some peoples' deplorable actions. And the community is going to suffer as well.

I don't understand how it was allowed to get to this point, but now that we parents know about it, finally, and not before children were hurt, unfortunately, but now that we know--well, we have unleashed our inner mama and papa bears. To quote a good friend, "these people messed with the wrong den of bears."


  1. As parents, we often joke about what brings out the mama bear in us but seldom does something happen that brings that primal urge to defend our young right to the surface making it hard to control! At least we know we are not in this alone. You and the other families involved in this crisis give me hope that we can handle this in a way that makes our community feel safe again!

  2. Sounds awful, hopefully the dance program can be saved somehow.



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