Monday, September 8, 2008

This Bountiful Life

By the turning of the wheel we are thick into the time of crowded pantries, baskets on the counter overflowing with veggies and fruit, tomato sauce simmering in the crock-pot, and the constant rattle of the canning jars in the hot water bath. We also enjoy the final brisk ocean swims, dunks in the lake and windows open all night--for now. Our town becomes more quiet as the tourists return to their homes. Our children continue their unschooling journey and spend glorious late summer days outside in the brilliant sunshine, reading on the beach, writing stories, collecting seeds in the garden and catching up with friends now that fall routines are being established. In a couple of weeks, we'll attend the Common Ground Country Fair in Unity, which we always look forward to. We start planning and thinking about fall projects, as well as those projects for Samhain and Yule. It's a bountiful, beautiful and busy time of year, full of gifts from the garden, new adventures, new and old faces, new routines, along with a gradual turning inward. We slowly preserve the harvest, putting by for later, giving some away, storing up for the cold and dark of winter, mindful always, of the bounty around us.


  1. I just love this time of year... The Common Ground Fair looks fabulous! I love to hear of all the harvesting and preparations you are doing. Sounds like a great life you have there in Maine.
    I'm very interested in pagan celebrations. I am looking forward to seeing how your family celebrates. We celebrated the Summer Solstice and fond it very joyous and up lifting.

  2. Hi Anet, (you're so good about leaving comments, btw, thanks!) yes, I think you might really enjoy the CGCFair. It has such great energy and soul.

    I'm happy to share whatever we do to celebrate the turning of the wheel, but I do not claim how we do it represents all pagans. Like homeschoolers, we're such a varied and diverse group. ; >

    Did you write about how you celebrated the Solstice--I'm going to go look.

    Blessed Be!



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