Friday, October 31, 2008

Blessed Samhain

When the veil is thin this night,
this beginning of winter,
of darkness, of going deep,
when the seed and bulb and earth sleep,
remember, remember,
the resting nourishes,
so when the sun reborn,
warms your bones,
you will awake renewed.

Blessed Samhain.

(c) Amy Bradstreet 2008


  1. Lovely poem.
    You know, it makes me stop and think if I lived somewhere warm year round I would most likely burn myself out. I do need the rest of winter.
    I will remember that the resting is a blessing. But you'll probably have to remind me again around
    mid-March! Thanks Amy.

  2. That is a beautiful poem. Yes winter is a time of rest and peace and to think; about the summer that passed and the coming one.

    I count my blessings in the winter : that I have enough to eat, that my house is warm, I am loved, I love and have wonderful pets. And I think of what I will do and plant in my garden. Thanks for sharing!



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