Friday, October 3, 2008


One of my favorite things about the change in seasons is the chance to invigorate the inside of our home. There is something so thrilling about moving furniture around, putting away and bringing out much-loved belongings, refreshing slipcovers, blankets, pillows and art. This nesting is as essential to my well-being, as essential as digging in the dirt or baking bread. This need to nest is ritualistic, marks time and breathes new energy into the most stagnate corners of our home. I even feel the old, stale energy moving out, and new energy moving in. I find that as soon as I move furniture or belongings, and as much as my family might grumble, we all feel more creative, inspired and at peace. My children have never been without a stimulating environment, that's certain. And when that old wool blanket comes out of the big white trunk and is put on the arm of the couch, there's a look my kids have--they welcome back the familiarity, the cozy memories. It seems they love that old wool blanket all the more because it was put away for summer. Ah, autumn by the fire, the wool blanket, a book being read aloud...yes, those memories. We'll move chairs for better conversation, add pillows, textures, candles and plenty of books. In the spring we strive to open up the house and lighten our collections. But in autumn, this is the season for turning in, for seeking warmth by the fire and with each other. So I'll move the chair closer to the fire, add a good lamp, a footstool, a quilt. I'll place pinecones and pumpkins on the mantle. This is home. This is where we nest.


  1. What a lovely nest!
    I swear I would feel so at home there.
    Your children have a wonderful mom:) You create a loving, warm environment for them to feel safe and loved!

  2. Oh, me too. The change of seasons makes me want to re-arrange and change the feel...I swap out curtains, throw pillows, blankets, sheets, throw rugs, napkins. I just love changing from the light for summer to the rich dark coziness of fall and winter.

    Lovely photos! A very cozy home.

  3. ah, every nook and cranny looks inviting. you nest well.



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