Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Farewell Deco Magazines

Okay, so I fully realize that on a big scale, even a minor scale, this rates, well, probably doesn't rate...but anyway, it rates with me, and I'm sure with many of my design junky friends it rates. The latest industry affected by the crappy economy and housing market is the shelter magazine business. In the last two weeks I have learned that I will no longer receive subscriptions to Home Companion, Domino, Country Home and Cottage Living. These magazines have been with me, in some cases, for ten years now. They inspired me on a regular basis, and will continue to as I have (thankfully) kept all my back issues. As the calendar page turns, I refresh my magazine basket with all the decor magazines from that month. Many of them are like old friends and through them I can see how my tastes have evolved or have been influenced. I have been educated on gardening and design by their pages. I loved learning about all the creative and interesing artists and designers. I loved satisfying my wanderlust for houses by imagining myself in the spaces featured. It simply won't be the same without them arriving in my mailbox waiting to be opened like the gifts they were, to me at least. Farewell deco magazines, you will be missed.


  1. I've seen a few of the blogs I follow lamenting much of the same. The last thing you want to sacrifice in poor economic times is perks. I know how much my craft mags help even when I'm low on supply monies. I hope this means there will be some new e-zines and home deco sites on the horizon.

  2. It's sad to see them go and even sadder that those folks are losing their jobs.

  3. Damn straight they'll be missed!

  4. T.-- agreed, but I still don't find the on-line mags as fun or satisfying.

    Felicia--also agreed. The mags don't even have huge staffs, usually about 40 people per mag, so hopefully they'll find work within the remaining mag industry.




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