Thursday, March 12, 2009

This Little Thing

This little thing isn't so little anymore. In fact, tomorrow she has her 12th birthday. All the usual cliches run through my mind, of course--wow, time flies. Look how much she's changed. Where did all that time go? She's grown up so quickly. Yes, those thoughts are ever present. Mostly, however, I think about how unbelievably lucky Alex and I have been to have had her in our lives for twelve years. I think about how proud we are of her and of all the gifts she's given us. She made us smile from her first moments with us. Her enormous jade green eyes scanned her world, taking it all in, and out came insight, wisdom and warmth. This past year with her has been a breathtaking journey, wrought with change, growth, new paths taken. To my little thing, not so little any longer, thank you for choosing me to be your mother.


  1. being a mother is so beautiful, heartbreaking, exciting, terrifying, wonderful, painful, etc. i would do it again in a second. my baby girl will be 15 this year. oh, watching her grow, became a woman, has been such a blessing. i don't want it to end. thankfully i have 4 boys to go. heehee

  2. That's beautiful, Amy. And please tell her happy birthday, fellow Piscean! I think her blog's wonderful, especially the song (but didn't want to leave a comment there in case she got freaked out that someone who knows her mother is over there).

  3. It's beautiful how in tune with her you are, and wonderful that you allow her the freedom to grow and be herself. Happy Birthday Olivia!

  4. Heather-- all those things, oh yes indeedy. And I would do it many times over (yes even the pregancy/birth portion that I loved, yes loved.)

    Gabrielle--thank you--and of course she wouldn't mind if you commented--and I asked. She's not a typical kid, ya know. The fact that she unschools means that she has quite a few adult friendships. : >

    Shona, aw, thanks so much. I couldn't (and wouldn't) possibly keep her from being her. I will certainly pass on all your lovely birthday wishes!

  5. Happy Birthday Olivia!
    Amy, you are so blessed:)
    What would we do without our Birhtday girls?
    Oh and hold on to your hat, cause it seems like just yesterday Autumn was 12:)



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