Sunday, April 19, 2009

An April Weekend

This was one of those weekends where we managed to tick away at our to-do lists, with joy and contentment. We didn't have anything exciting going on, but it was fun to be home, together, sharing in simple tasks. We did some good old scrubbing and cleaning, opened windows to the sun and hung laundry on the line. Ahh, those first sun-dried sheets and crunchy towels. I do love a crunchy towel. Especially one that smells of sea breeze. It's always good to refresh our very lived-in spaces, too, which always gives me a slight thrill when I come downstairs first thing in the morning to make our coffee--everything feels so fresh and calm.

I even found a little time to be in the studio to paint today. I am looking forward to even the smallest moments there again in the coming days. I could do with a little sewing and mending as well. There's always that. But this was good-painting. I hummed to myself the whole time.

There was the walk on the beach. Not many shells today, but the view in this April sunshine was treasure enough.

While I was happily painting, Alex and the kids were out in the garden planting some early and hardy crops--spinach, purslane, lettuce, tatsoi and peas. They got a bit of a chill, but they were all content and happy, rosy-cheeked and hungry, or course.

We have many busy weekends ahead, so it was a gift to have this weekend to ourselves, productive and full of meaningful tasks that brought us joy. Is it possible we are nearing the end of April already? Goodness, time does fly.

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