Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Love Over Lobster Rolls

Ah, spring. Though our days have not been filled with anything too exciting and new, they've certainly been full--park days, visits to the beach, walks, garden clean-up, catching up on reading-aloud Breaking Dawn (hours at a time), children's choir workshops, dinners with friends, short Sunday drives, overnights with friends and the bi-annual clothing switch-over and resulting laundry marathon. Things maybe not so significant by themselves, but all leading to a full and rich life, all the same. It's these small things that draw my attention. I want to record them, mark them, etch them into memory. As an unschooling mother, I can not help but be aware of time with my children, and I've dedicated much of my blogging and photography to recording emphemeral moments with them. Lately I've noticed myeself drawn to similarly fleeting moments with my husband. Like this one. Here's us. We have an hour while the kids are in choir rehearsal. He's home from work for the evening. We both probably have a million things we could do at home. Instead we choose this time to grab some lobster rolls, discuss the haunting movie we watched last night, how we spent our day, catch up. We stop at the library, look for books together, hugging and holding hands in the stacks like we did in college. Bach in the van, we then disagree with each other about the movie we watched, but it's okay, it's good, we understand each other regardless, this exercising our brains together is what keeps us interested in the other. We flirt. It's just an hour. A lifetime of hours, transient and etched forever.


  1. mmmm. most lovely. those stolen moments with the one you love.

  2. a precious hour of loving connection...beautiful. thank you for sharing moments in your inspiring life...i deeply appreciate your stories, poetry, and photography.

  3. Lovely!

    How romantic to be able to go to the library and not have to keep urging "Library voices...." and asking "Where's your sister?"

  4. Your profile photos just keep getting more beautiful.. for some reason you remind me a lot of Bjork, which is a high praised compliment!

    I remember years ago watching "Rachael Ray, $20 a day" back before she had her own magazine and olive oil, and she went to Maine and ate a lobster roll. I have wanted one ever since! If I ever come to visit, that's the first thing we're eating! :)

  5. Oh, and it's super sweet how much you love your husband and treasure your precious moments together. It is something I have been desiring more and more recently`since we have moved away from our babysitters, (aka; family). Sigh.. hopefully we will be able to find some quiet alone time together soon.

    Your marriage is such an inspiration to me. :)

  6. Sweet! That is a good reminder for me...sometimes we get so busy with 'work' when the boys go to bed we don't get a chance to talk or connect for days and days.

    Mmmm lobster rolls.

  7. Heather-- stolen, planned, inspired, raunchy, sweet, hurried, frenzied (ooo, frenzied?) nurturing...I'll take them all.

    Melissarvera--wow, so kind, thank you. I'll be checking out your blog as well, it looks beautiful.

    Stephanie--hey, we've been there.

    Erin--first, wow, I'm honored, thank you. Thanks for tolerating my blatant adoration. ; > Second--must have lobster roll. In Maine. And these babies are $7.75so eat that, Rachael! Third--Bjork? Really? I told Alex you said that and he agreed! lol. Thanks, I know it's high praise. I promise not to don swan dresses, however. (I love Bjork, btw.) xo

    Denise--don't let that time slip away, go grab him, lol. Thanks. :>

  8. Amy, as always, captures the heart of an hour "out on the town" with beautiful and sincere words. I am so lucky.

    For out of towners: The secret with the lobster roll is to butter and grill the bread first. A little mayo and fresh lobster meat, and you're done.
    The lobster rolls at Rapid Ray's in Saco are the best in the state in my opinion. To get a better price you'd have to make your own.

  9. What a beautiful post. It made me want to sit down and list the special moments in my life. Of course it also made me drool looking at the picture of the lobster rolls.

  10. I love stolen moments with the hubby. I must confess that in my 7 years in Maine, I have never tried a lobster roll...some sort of mental thing. I'm more of a clam girl these days.

    I just love your blog, I'm just a town over from you and easily can feel bored by Maine but you have such a way of presenting the area in a way that makes it seem exciting.

  11. Thanks, babe. For everything.

    Anne Marie--hey, nice to hear from you again.

    Trisha, get thee a lobster roll! And thanks!

    blackgirlinmaine--thanks so much. Maine, boring, eh? Hmm. I think just about anywhere can get boring, but that's maybe just me. We should have a local bloggers meet-up. : > Get ourselves some arthropod roll.

    PS--I've been doing some sporadic blog-lurking, it's a busy time of year, so I appreciate the time you all take to read and comment. I will try to reciprocate asap. Thanks!



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