Thursday, May 14, 2009

Listening To Their Stories

Last night we accepted an invitation from Heather and family to come see two or her kids and bunches of other greater Portland kids exhibit their work in film, photography, writing and music at Space. The exhibit was for The Telling Room and oh, what a cool thing to have here in southern Maine! There was a tremendous amount of supportive energy at the gallery last night. It was especially wonderful to see and hear Audrey perform her original song. Heather, that's one amazing daughter you have there, and Audrey, you were incredible to watch.

After the performances we were able to walk around the gallery and we were able to listen to Heather's oldest son, Logan's song on headphones--very cool.

There was an interactive exhibit where we were invited to share our own neighborhood stories and add them to a large map, which we did.

I'm looking forward to getting our own kids involved with the fabulous work being done by The Telling Room, it was a truly amazing thing to see and hear all the stories told through the eyes, voices, lenses and words of young people in Maine.


  1. Thank you so much, Amy! I was so glad you could make it.

  2. Brava, Audrey!! It was a joy to attend.

  3. Arg, I just lost my whole comment... We've taken a couple of the Telling Room workshops and I thought they were great. If you are inclined, Amy, maybe you'd email them a request for homeschool-directed offerings. They were kind-of, sort-of interested but nothing came of my singular request, so maybe reinforcements would help. The workshops tend to be late afternoons and Saturdays, not a big problem and we'll continue to avail ourselves. But they also work directly with school classes, and it could be cool to have a homeschool "class" group for some of those interesting projects... I am emailing again!



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