Monday, July 27, 2009

Just a quick post today as it's hot and sticky, Olivia will be home soon from her first day at The Telling Room and I've yet to pack us up for an afternoon at the beach.

Alex and I had an absolute blast at my 20th high school reunion. We saw lots of old friends, danced, chatted, reconnected and made plans to get together soon with some folks. It was all good. Well, minus one wet, drunken smacker full on the lips (and gums and teeth, ouch) from somone other than my husband that completely took me by surprise, but other than that, all good. I have a friend from way back in 5th grade who thinks my feet pictures are weird, but he still suggested I take my Bench Monday shot at the reunion, so up on chairs we went. I'm sure we confused the heck out of folks, and here's to old friends who support weird feet pictures, by including their own.

I love Adam's Bench Monday this week. Happy Monday!

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