Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Chillin'

I sometimes love (need) a Monday where we simply chill at home. Yes, there's always gardening and housework, but I feel like I barely saw my son all last week and he was busy with a sleepover on the weekend, so it's good to hang out together today. Plus, if we had gone down to the beach, I wouldn't have been home to leave this note:

To the Mustang driver:

You have parked in the drive-way of a private residence for the day. Next time, please avail yourself of the plentiful parking on the street as we would hate to have to call for a tow-truck. Many thanks, The Bradstreets

Somehow I missed the actual parking (maybe when I was folding the four loads of laundry upstairs?), so I typed up the note for the Mustang driver and left it under their wiper. This sort of thing happens many times during a summer, usually committed by foreigners (Canadians), so I was further appalled to find a Maine plate in my driveway. Hey, I know what you're thinking--we suffer so, living as we do near the beach.

Over the weekend I did a little nosing around on the internets looking for new-to-me music and I found this band. They are quickly becoming my new favorite and yes, they get bonus points for a) being weird and b) making cool (weird) videos. I love me a good (and weird) video. I've had this song tripping through my head, I love it so. I've also added a bunch of their work to my new Groove playlist in the sidebar.

Of course today it's Bench Monday in the Land Of Flickr. This is my outdoor shower version.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!


  1. Happy Monday! The Bird & The Bee fave is Polite Dance Song and the video makes me chuckle every time I watch it!

  2. Shh...Tameka! I know, that video is a riot! I couldn't decide--I might use that one next week, lol!

  3. Finally getting around to returning some comments before my blog hiatus!

    I wonder what the driver thought. He/she was very lucky the car wasn't towed... And I love the shower picture. That will be a common view for me next week when I'm at the beach!



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