Friday, July 31, 2009

Week In Review

This has been Olivia's week at the Young Author's Camp in Portland. She seems to be having a great time, not only writing, but making new friends, walking the city and taking photos, asking questions and getting feedback with a fair bit of goofing around, of course. On the walk yesterday, she and some friends had the opportunity to have their photos taken in exchange for a free t-shirt.

On Tuesday, her class met with local journalist Justin Ellis. Olivia is in the video, asking about using sources from the web.

In other news, the garden is recovering from all the rain and we even have tiny tomatoes, which are oh so late, but at least it looks like we'll get some. We do have snow peas still, which is unusal, since they don't appreciate the heat and intense sun--oh wait, we haven't had much of that until maybe this week--so as a bonus, we have peas.

peas at the end of July

Our CSA shares haven't been anything to blog about, so that's why I haven't posted about that for the past two weeks. There's been some serious crop loss this summer. We however, have some beautiful flowers in our garden and the butterflies are finally braving the summer now that it is a bit sunnier.

poppy, please stay overflowing

We still have had our share of storms, the kind with heavy downpours and ominous clouds that chase us off the beach.

the sun and the storm storm rising

Just as quickly, the storm abates and we're left with stunning clouds and blue sky.

storm last evening Maxfield Parrish clouds

I discovered yesterday that more than our garden is growing, but the kids are also. Olivia is officially 5'6" at age 12 and Adam has grown nearly two inches since mid-May which puts him at 5'1" at age 10. I wonder what the fall will bring? Probably more shoe and jean shopping.

inch by inch

As for today and the week ahead, we are packing for a week of camping up north. Lots to get ready, I'm doing some baking, a little cleaning, some laundry, one last mow and some weeding in the garden and Sunday morning we're off for the week! Cross your fingers for sunshine and we'll do the same for you. Can you believe it's nearly August?

Summer blessings,


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  1. Our CSA shares have also been pretty meager, I am hoping things pick up though. I love your pictures!



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