Sunday, August 9, 2009

Camping, On The Rocks

We've just returned from a week of camping here. We lucked out with the weather, aside from the first evening spent in downpours, which is always miserable in a tent, but we dried out nicely the next day. The lake is so beautiful, clear and peaceful and we so enjoyed our time spent there.

where we spent a week

I can't say our normally plugged-in children (tweens) appreciated being unplugged for the week but I can't say it did them any harm either. Many longing looks were cast at Alex's BlackBerry (which he was only using to organize our trip or be in touch with our house sitter.)

waiting for pancakes

Some of the simplest fun was getting breakfast in the morning. I've always loved eating outside in the morning sunlight. The black tea and blueberry pancakes never tasted so good. Though there was a little bit of grumbling from us all (there's this funny story about the air mattress that wouldn't inflate, what a hoot!) we were together, planning our days and we were up, which meant we were no longer sleeping on stones (funny, funny story, heeee...)

camping essentials

We did a little day-tripping as well, which in hindsight we could have done without, but no matter, we saw a bit of Moosehead Lake and some many miles of dirt road that reminded us of Mrs. Todd's Shortcut (we were trying to get theah from heah, but it just can't be done, deary.) By the end of the long and rather pointless day (we admit it!) we did find a Reny's in Dexter where we found patching material for the leaky air mattress, so not all was a loss.

view of Moosehead Lake

Because we needed to do some laundry (what kid doesn't appreciate an hour drive over back country to go do laundry for two hours in 90F humidity?--hey, we know how to have fun!) and the day was threatening thunderstorms, we took off for Bangor another day, where we did visit an art museum, our beloved Grasshopper Shop and we ate lunch in the park. For dinner we thought we'd do what we always do when up in the Bangor area, which is head over to nearby Old Town for some of our favorite pizza since our UMaine days. Alas! The Pizza Dome was gone, and it appears it's gone for good. So sad! We have so many good memories from hangin' at the Dome and of their delicious food, it's definitely a bummer to find out they are gone forever.

So not everything was working out perfectly, and that's alright, it happens. The lake, however, was perfection. Clear, just the right temperature, gorgeous views, and beautiful glacial rocks that we could swim in and around, explore and jump off. Eight hours in the water makes a body tired, too, so even if the air mattress (ours, the kids had the good one) was deflating, we slept the night regardless, rocks be damned. Kind of like our trip--sort of deflating, not what we expected, interesting, rocky and despite all that, fun. Most of the time, anyway.

evening swim
Sebec Lake


  1. Looks like all in all it was a good time and its nice to be unplugged. As always you have amazing pictures.

  2. Looks like you were camping near where my Dad's hunting camp is, in Guilford. Beautiful area!



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