Monday, September 28, 2009

Blessed Autumn :: At The Fair

beautiful yarn
Common Ground Country Fair pumpkin
roaming with friends
she had her face painted
Pie Cone love
orange all over
henna artist
bad wolf, good coffee
masked birthday boy
little piggie
sleepy smiling sheep
Olivia runs
fair fun into the evening
sweet annie and pumpkins

Though this year's fair was a bit different for us, not having Alex along, we were in the company of friends and surrounded by good people, all celebrating autumn's abundance in Maine. The kids formed their usual posse at various times, adding friends here and there as families came and went. Each year the kids grow in their independence and desire to be out and on their own, something we welcome, but something we found ourselves mindful of when faced with our in-between children, too big for the children's area, too young to completely on their own for the day. My kids found themselves feeling somewhat adrift, searching for their new, unknown places in the fair culture. And there I was, trying to observe and not observe, to let them be and in the end, games were played, much running was done, memories were made. It's a fascinating thing to watch these transistions that our children must endure, to watch them grow. And I'm grateful each year, that at the fair, this common ground, becomes that perfect place for holding our children, nurturing their spirits, allowing them to adventure in safety, for allowing them to be their whole selves.


  1. dear amy...

    i commented long ago on another post. i found your blog while looking for a different amy bradstreet. i continue to view your blog weekly and so enjoy seeing your family and the many "unschoolers" on the east coast.

    we are a west coast unschooling family. we have enjoyed this way of life for about 7 years. i have three daughters, ages almost 14, 11 and 8. none of us have public blogs but enjoy seeing what you and your family are up to clear across the country!

    thank you for such beautiful photos and sharing your life with others! i hope to continue your journey as we continue ours here in california!


    cory meyers (santa cruz, ca)

  2. Oh, such beautiful Autumn colors and images!

  3. hey i took a pic of the yarn too! lol too much lovely yarn!
    and we ate those pie cones too. yum! along with those strawberry cream puff goodies!
    it was alot of fun. i am looking forward to next fall!:)




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