Sunday, September 20, 2009

In Balance


It's that time of year, again, the time for nesting. Mabon, a time of equal day and night, is almost upon us, urging me to find balance between that chock-full calendar and the need to restore our spirits at home. So I rearrange, clean, edit and add. After a day of creating harmony in our spaces, we wake on a not-quite-autumn morning like this one and take in the sight of a room in balance, equal parts cozy, comfortable, functional and beautiful. With immense pleasure we settle in, draw nearer, open books that we ignored during summer, seeking other inspirations in the garden and on the beach. A simple thing like moving a chair here and adding a pillow there and a stack of books on that, and we find ourselves feeing it again--that sense of welcome, of balance, of home.



  1. Your home always looks so warm and inviting. :)

  2. I am doing the same thing. Between the nesting instinct (I'm almost 7mo pregnant) kicking in and the weather changing, I am constantly "fluffing" around and changing things. LOVE your home! It's is so warm and cozy. And I adore all those cushy pillows on your couch.

  3. your home is beautiful. i'm anxiously awaiting the change of season that will bring us all back to the hearth.

  4. amy! truly, i want to cozy up in one of those chairs, with one of those blankets, right NOW. i love readying the house for the cold, too~ (although it's hot hot hot here right now... you were right, it's not quite fall yet... but i'm so ready!)
    happy autumn equinox to you and yours!

  5. Your home looks so warm and inviting and having been able to see it up close it really is as lovely as your pictures.

  6. I love it! it is amazing how just a little tweek here and there and then suddenly you have a new comfy space. :)
    i love autumn! i hope life is just wonderous for you!

    much love




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