Thursday, October 8, 2009

Small Unit Tactics

Just stopping in to say hello and that we are off to the playground to meet up with other unschoolers to do some of this.

This evening we are picking up paint and supplies for repainting our dining/family room over the long weekend. We are keeping it the same color, but it really needs refreshing and I'm never buying flat paint for walls again, ever.

Meanwhile, the kids are busy working on their homework for their classes, which they continue to enjoy. Adam, 10, declared today that he likes algebra. He also likes geometry (it's 8th grade geometry, too, just saying...) Score one for unschooling. Olivia loved her black and white photography class so in addition to her other homework, she's been snapping a roll of film for her class on Saturday. We're all busy, but it's a good busy, full of exploration, knowledge and new spaces.

Now...time to gather up those homemade swords, cameras and coats and head to the playground.

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