Friday, November 13, 2009

Sharing Space

I know it's a good thing that our kids are capable, self-directed and motivated to get all their unschooling work done, but it means less computer time for me, which means I'm not posting as often. In case you didn't catch that, yes, we share the family computer. Oh, and while I'm thinking of it, how much do I love listening in on Olivia and Adam's homework discussions? Lots, that's how much. I'm realizing that we're moving into new territory, here, when they begin debating how to solve for x or they drop geometry terms into their conversations. Lately the topics at the breakfast table range from molecular biology to the environmental impact of coal mining to civil rights. Have I mentioned how much I love unschooling, not to mention these fabulous and amazing young people whom I get to share my life with? Lots and lots and lots.

Meanwhile, Alex and I are making progress on refreshing spaces and nesting. I'm a chronic room re-arranger and I can feel the energy in our home stagnating and I won't always know where the problem lies, until I start moving things or dealing with projects that were put off for too long. So we move a dresser downstairs and move the pew upstairs and hang some art, edit, purge and suddenly, it's like a window has been opened and the air is cleared. Ahhh. One of my tests for a succesful room re-arrangement is if suddenly you find space and solutions for problems, and things fall into place like puzzle pieces. The old Eastlake dresser now makes room for cards, games and puzzles, and there's even room in the top drawer for the kids to stash their homework. Some of the art I wasn't sure worked any longer, works. And a space that has always challenged me with it's unclear purpose and focus, suddenly feels homey, cozy and practical. The energy is good, invigorating and renews in us an urge to get creative.

refreshed space
a dresser for games

The other thing that I continue to realize, is that as much as I like the spare lines of modern pieces, and I'll continue to incorporate them into our spaces, I'm eclectic at heart. I like color, I gravitate toward a layered, sometimes salon look, and above all, it must be warm, welcoming and a bit whimsical. Thus, our dining room looks like this, refreshed and renewed.

our eclectic dining room

I'm eager to see how you might be refreshing your spaces this autumn,dear reader and just as soon as I can wedge in a bit of computer time for myself, I'll do just that.


  1. Your home looks so comfortable and lovely!

    I also have to rearrange on a regular basis, though not quite as often as I use to with a very active toddler running around (some pieces of furniture block in things making it harder for him to access them - like the computer.)

    I am a big fan of seasonal decorator, I have a large bin (or two) for each season which I love pulling out. I just pulled out the Yule box yesterday in fact...

  2. I love seeing the pictures of your house. Sadly no decorating is happening over here since we really need to figure out how to get the ugly wallpaper off the walls which with an active preschooler running around is difficult. I suppose if we could ever get the walls done with colors that speak to me, I would be inclined to decorate. Until then we are middle aged folks whose house is a throwback to dorm living.



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