Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day Twelve :: Yule

December 27 :: The Last Day Of Yule

playing with the new things

We wake to a spotless house, fridge full of leftovers and no place we have to be, and no company expected. We have the day to ourselves. We all seek out some of our gifts--Adam finds a cozy spot in front of the fire to build with Legos, Olivia explores her PC some more, I play catch-up on photos and blog, Alex and the kids, then just Alex, play some Wii and we eat bread, cheese and cookies all day long. It's heaven.

It looks pretty much like this the whole day.

playing some Wii Super Mario

That was our twelve days of Yule. A good twelve days, busy and full, merry and bright. No, we didn't get to every single holiday movie, take every ornament out, and not everything was the same as other years. That's alright. It was a good Yule. It was this year's Yule and no other and it will be remembered as a good one, I'm certain, full of love, family and friends. Our gratitude cup has been filled and we'll take that goodwill with us into the next year, I know. May it be so for you and yours. Blessed Yule and Blessed Be and Blessings on the New Year.


  1. Thanks for sharing your 12 Days of Yule! It's been lovely to read and you have such a beautiful family and home. Many blessings for 2010!

  2. My family & I just read your Yule posts, we are inspired & think the 12th day especially sounds fantastic! We need a day like that.

    Your boxing day party looked so beautiful and fun, we are sorry to have missed it.

    Such great photos!

    Michelle, Mark, Silas & Levi

  3. Hi Amy.
    I just came across your photos on Flickr ( and thus your blog) and wanted to tell you how much I love your home. The perfect yin and yang of antique and modern, oh so cozy. I think it takes an antique house to pull this style off and you have done it perfectly.

    Happy New Year,
    Janet @ Housepeepers

  4. Hey Nikki--Thanks so much! Blessings to you on the New Year as well!

    Michelle--I've been thinking about you, knowing how busy you must be, settling in to your home. It would be lovely to see you soon, calendar allowing.

    Janet--thank so much for stopping by to say hello and for your sweet compliments, too! It's always wonderful to meet people out in blogland.




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