Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Corner View :: Personal Style

I'd have to say my personal style is a bit eclectic, much like my home is. I love color, texture, layers, mash up of modern and vintage. I like practical clothing, but I don't mind feeling beautiful at the same time. I'll spend the day in the woods getting filthy, but I want that pretty scarf, earrings and lip gloss.

there I was  :: explored

I second Jane at Spain Daily--I do love a scarf around my neck.

never leave home without your scarf
my favorite things

Heck, I even enjoy making scarves.

red and white scarf

I do like feeling pulled-together and I'm not inclined to go running errands sans a little mineral make-up, mascara and lip gloss.

Bare Minerals blush, Flowers

And I must wear scent. My winter favorite by Auric Blends is, of course, one that seems to be discontinued, called Desert Night. I do love their Egyptian Goddess for summer.

Living in Maine means dealing with cold, mud season, sand from the beach and snow and slush, so I'm practical shoes kind of woman. I like jeans but I'll dress up a bit, too. In fact, if I could wear pieces like this everyday, I'd be in heaven.

But most of the time, my style is more about an old wool sweater, jeans and Muck boots.

Unless it's warm weather, and then it's more like this.

The Maine Way

(Wow, all the Bench Monday photos I've taken are coming in handy).

And when I'm at home, you'll almost always find me wearing an apron. I have lots.

Bench Monday :: Hausfrau

I like small amounts of jewelry, a watch that can take a beating (ie, go swimming in the ocean, get mud and dough encrusted)

and I'm likely to forgo gardening gloves in favor of dirt under my nails. So my personal style is eclectic, yes, practical, absolutely, but a little bit elegant and pretty, too. What's your style?

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  1. I really love your scarves! Especially the one you made. :)

  2. this was great amy! us big footed (can i say that?) women have got to stick together! ;) p.s. i´ve been tempted for awhile to buy bare minerals. does it look natural?

  3. sunnymama--many thanks!

    Jane--oh yes, we can stick together unless we're shopping, because you know, they only carry one pair of 11-12s, so we'd have to fight each other for those. haha. (My feet are narrow, too, so that makes it extra fun.)

    Yes, I love Bare Minerals and it does look natural if you pick the correct shade. I even got some for my daughter to wear, and it's much nicer to her young skin. However, I'm tempted to try this brand because it doesn't contain some of the fillers, but I hate to spend the money on a switch if I don't like the colors/product. Probably will try something of theirs soon, however.



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