Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our Kind Of Easter

This weekend, we celebrate the spring equinox and Easter. We had an unusually warm (70F) day here yesterday, and our first spring flowers began to bloom in our garden, so the spring equinox gifts were many.

first day of spring

Bringing the Dawn, The Goddess Oestre and The Hare passed through our garden again, leaving little signs of life nestled in nooks, cradled in tree branches, for the children to find.

sign of spring
and cranny

The Hare also left small baskets of sweets and small gifts.

her basket
his basket

Hmm, very nice. Every movie director needs a ready collection of disguises, as The Hare clearly must have known.

fake mustaches included
card from us

The search for the eggs is always fun.

Easter morning
the search for eggs
how many?
her bounty
their baskets

Later, we had a leisurely breakfast, giggled over the silly cards we gave the kids (bad jokes about ear less chocolate bunnies. Poor bunnies.)

yellow tulips
blaze tulips

And the rest of the day is ours, to spend together, surrounded by the vibrant and the pastel that is spring. Blessed Easter!

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