Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Day In Photos

It started with a delicious breakfast made by Alex.


I opened some cards, including beautiful handmade ones from my Dad and Olivia and Adam.

some cards for me

Later we went for some lunch at Rapid Ray's in Saco, and ate it on the shores of Camp Ellis.

lobster roll for lunch
my two urchins

Then it was home for cake, my favorite from Reilly's Bakery in Biddeford.

my cake
here's hoping

And raspberry filled, too. Mmmm...

oh yum
raspberry filled

This is the look (and subsequent groans of oh mommy!) I get when I sling innuendo at the table. Bad Mommy, bad.

oh mommy!

Of course they pampered me all day, with wonderful gifts and best of all, kisses and hugs. We went out after cake to see this (which I liked better than I thought I would) and now we're home eating leftover cake and watching some of this. It was a very good, simple, sweet, loving and fun 39th birthday. Many thanks to all my wonderful friends and family for the generous birthday wishes, and thanks to my family for spending the day with me. As always, you made my day special, and you made me feel doubly so. xoxoxoxoxoxo


  1. Looks like you had a perfect birthday! Cake looks yummy, Riley's does have some good treats!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Amy!! ~Shona xo

  3. Happy Birthday Amy!
    (Stop showing me these incredible cakes will ya?!)
    Enjoy the rest of the day:)

  4. good wishes for the year to come!
    and now i'm craving lobster roll.

  5. That cake looked INCREDIBLE. Of course everything looks incredible when you are trying to lose weight, I suppose. :P Wishing you lots and lots of belated birthday happiness!

  6. Awww, so loved! Happy Birthday! And yes, those cards are *gorgeous* !

  7. why, your birthday celebration looks perfect. and that lobster roll! egads.



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