Thursday, April 1, 2010

Science And Technology News

With all the dire news bombarding us every single day, it's astounding to read about amazing scientific feats such as this one.

Can you believe it? We're a geek family, I realize, (did I mention we are alternating Netflix discs between the third season of this and the first season of this?) but to think that our children won't have a future where they have to solve or merely put up with the likes of this

or this

or dare I hope, even this?

Apes on Vacation

And all because, what, someone managed to whip up one these bad boys

and combined it with one of these?

And they've got it under control to boot?

I'm not worried. Are you?

Happy April Fools!


  1. I would kill a small retarded infant and a nun for those monkey statues!

  2. Uncanny similarity update...we're working our way through X-Files and Torchwood around here!!

  3. Amy - great post. I had a herd of wild rabbits on the golf course on Thursday. Very cool.

    That was my April Fools. I love love the new header. What did you do to it? That color is crazy cool. Now that I'm done with the cruuent Dexter Im so sad about my Netflix pics. Must revisit.



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