Thursday, June 24, 2010

Moments In The Sun

Perhaps you're feeling it too, this busyness of summer, the pull of the water, the garden, the simple puttering, the cup of coffee while picking the first peas, the wrapping up and the new beginnings that every change of season brings? June is bursting with life and sunshine, and the call to be out in it is constant. So much happens around this week in June for my family. It begins with Litha/Summer Solstice, then Alex's birthday and Father's Day and ends with our 16th wedding anniversary on the 25th. This month has also seen the end to some routines and the beginning of others. Olivia ended her Girl Scouting until fall and the kids wrapped up their homeschool classes. Summer sets in in small ways. The house becomes a barefoot home, with the feel of old painted pine on our feet from room to room. The shutters stay shut during the day to keep out the sun, the windows are open all night, the ceiling fans are on at night some, layers on the beds are taken off, beach towels drape the deck rail, and sandals are always sandy and the cedar deck creaks in the heat of the day. The beach bag is repacked as soon as it's unpacked. June is also for visiting and catching up. The farmer's market and library become regular destinations, as do state and town parks. The monarchs visit the day lilies, the birds come and go from their nesting boxes, the beach chairs and blankets are gathered for quickly arranged chats on the shore with good friends. All these moments in the sun add up to memories made, celebrations and traditions honored, and the turning of the wheel as summer settles in.

Alex's birthday. A cake and a visit to gorgeous Range Pond, which we had nearly to ourselves by evening.

Alex's 38th birthday
going in
red towel
green eyes

A pre-Girl Scout ceremony visit with The Grampies, at Tim's lovely home and amazing garden on the pond. (My Dad is in the hat.) I baked them burger rolls and cinnamon buns for Father's Day--as I told them, the sentiment is a day old, but the bread is not.

at the Grampies' house
laughin' about somethin'
my dad, fishing
old rose
Grampie Tim's garden
brilliant poppy

Summer needs a soundtrack, and a shared one at that.

sharing music

An overcast day, a late afternoon phone call from a good friend, and we're on the beach in minutes. These two stayed in the water for three hours straight. Rachael and I hardly noticed the time passing for all the talking we did.

best friends
the few, the brave

Moments in the sun, captured in the garden.

bee and sweet pea


  1. Summer at your house looks downright lovely. :)

  2. So. Much. Gorgeousness. I love the photos.

    And happy anniversary!



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