Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Flipping The Calendar Page

Welcome September. Even without school in our lives, September is always incredibly busy. As we're still shaking out the tired from our wonderful unschooling conference experience (not to mention processing it all), we find ourselves scrambling out of beds and rushing out doors and writing hurried notes on the calendar. Today I must take a look at our activities and get them all organized.

It's all the better that I went through, edited, organized and posted the 215 photos I had from our trip, wrote that NEUC post, oh yes, and Alex picked fifteen pounds of grapes, and has begun to process them.

loaded vines
gorgeous grapes

In my previous post I mentioned that we stopped by the Platts-Bradstreet House in Rowley, MA on our way home.

nine over six

Alex and the kids are direct descendants of Simon and Anne Bradstreet and though I understand this house is part of the Humphrey Bradstreet line, it's still interesting to visit such an old building and one that may be connected to us through genealogy.

generations of Bradstreets

We didn't expect a tour, but as it happened, there was a Rowley Historical Society caretaker there, a Mr. Hazen (and incidentally, with just my brief poking around on the interwebs, we may be related to him, also). He was very kind and struck the perfect balance in explaining a few things, asking questions without being patronizing and he didn't go into expansive detail, which was great, as we were all dog tired.

the rescued barn
impromptu tour
the ell

He also told us about the Bradstreet Farm, just up the road, so we went to see that too. It's the old farm, established in 1635 and it's being restored, both the buildings and agriculture, by the historical society. It was lovely--and hot, so no photos. Did I mention we were tired?

the Bradstreet farm

So. September. Lots going on and much of it begins this month. The kids want to do the biology and nanotechnology labs offered locally, the teen library events, they'll both take the Intro to the Holocaust course Alex is facilitating and we have a Not Back To School picnic middle of the month. Choir for all of us starts mid-month, plus extra rehearsals for the kids who will be singing with the PSO, again. And the Common Ground Country Fair at the end of the month, plus some homestead-sitting. And lots of other things I know I am forgetting at this moment. It's not too much, but it's plenty. I just have to get it all down and get organized. Funny how quickly those calendar pages flip, is it not?

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  1. Busy busy! And a local nanotechnology course? My 7 year old can't wait until he is 'old enough' to do those classes. One of his favorite subjects.

    So interesting to live where you have roots for so long and to be able to SEE that still. I know quite a bit about one side of my family geneology, but my husband doesn't even know the root of his surname, when his family came to the midwest, why, what they did, who they were. Hard to anchor when there are no roots. :)



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