Monday, October 18, 2010

A Monday Grab Bag Of Good Things

Good things from our kitchen~

Last week Alex baked six apple pies, a tray of wrapped apples, a small batch of apple crisp, canned the apple and pear butter, made peach jam and apple jelly, which totalled thirty-three cups of preserves. We shared some with our neighbors who cat-sit for us and some pies went into the freezer and we have a long list of friends and family who are hoping Alex bakes pies for them soon, too.

apple dumpling
many pies
apple pie
apple and pear butter and peach jam

Sipping the first glass of blackberry wine while making dinner- so, so good.

Relying on this nutritious and easy to make frittata for dinner at the end of busy days.

quick mid-week meal
easy frittata

Basic frittata recipe:

Heat oven to 450F. Butter a 11" x 17" pan.

Layer frozen or fresh (or combination) of veggies and other on-hand ingredients-this comes out a bit differently each time, depending on what's in the fridge or pantry:
chopped onion
shredded or thin-sliced potato
leftover brown rice
roasted red peppers
spinach, chard or kale
grated carrot
grated cheeses, more is better (I used 8 ounces of grated feta and about 16 ounces of sharp cheddar for my last frittata.)

lots of black pepper
some salt

Put all ingredients into pan.
Beat 9-12 (farm fresh, local) eggs and pour over the other ingredients. Use a spoon to gently toss or stir together all the ingredients. Put into oven and bake for 15-20 minutes.

Having unschoolers around our table, learning together~

the Intro to the Holocaust course
unschool evening
the intro to the Holocaust course

Inspiration everywhere~

  • Discussing diets, or not, at The Rotund.
  • Discussing bullying at Spilt Milk and Underbellie.
  • I think I've found the color, Clay .04, for our living room paint project (for either November or January) after reading over at Amanda's.

    • Alex and I are reading Radical Homemakers and identifying with it strongly.

    • And I must blow a virtual kiss to Lisa, who I consider a friend and who sends me the most confidence-boosting, kind emails and whose blog is a constant source of inspiration. I am ever grateful.

    Saturday and day-tripping with the kids~

    Lunch out at the Dogfish Cafe in Portland, where the kids had killer grilled cheese and Alex and I had our second beef burger each in twenty years (the kids think maybe next time they'll split a burger--fyi, this is in part because we wish to truly eat close to our plates and support our local food culture).

    saturday lunch out
    local beef burger

    Olivia had a late invitation to another unschooler's birthday party, so we hit the road for Cornish. While she was at the party, Alex and I kicked around with Adam, enjoying the autumn colors in the pretty small town on the river.

    Cornish Trading Post
    autumn in the evening
    the moon
    Adam and Alex
    fall color combo
    my handsome men
    a Maxfield Parrish

    Sunday afternoon, fall chores and autumn in our garden~

    a pumpkin
    autumn path
    fall chores
    gathering the pine drops
    autumn in our garden

    May you have many good things in your week!

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    1. Amy - As usual, your photos are stunning! A friend and I were on the phone, while on our computers looking at your entry, concluding that we want to eat at your house! I am very much looking forward to making your frittata this week.



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