Monday, October 25, 2010

So Underneath The Concrete Sky

We've had a week of the blahs and icks (of the cold, not quite cold but sore throat kind) here, guys, so none of us have been much in the writing mood, but photos I can do. And this song, which you should play now as I've had it in my head this entire day week.

We attended the annual home/unschooling grave stone rubbing at Portland's Evergreen Cemetery, where once again, we're more inclined to walk, talk, film and photograph than make rubbings. Of course, I enjoy photographing the cemetery and the challenge of seeing things just a bit askew, getting the camera in close for the details of the lichen and moss that cover the stones, the cracks in the marble. I take my own kind of impression of the graveyard through my lens. Today, like last year, Adam ran off to film areas of the cemetery and by the end of the day, he had a cast of other kids willing to perform amazing graveyard feats. Olivia, still on the ill side of things, spent some time walking the grounds, taking her own photos, I'm certain. Later we walked with friends, joked, inevitably, about this, and made plans for future gatherings. It was a good autumn day, walking the graveyard, under the concrete sky.

grave rubbing day
orange lichen
perilous climb
over there
no one gets out
a walk
canopy of orange
don't blink
my two
tree hugger


  1. How I do love a graveyard! Seeing this reminded me that I have yet to see a SINGLE graveyard in Des Moines. I do believe I'm about to remedy that fact; time for some research. Lovely pictures and it looked like you had the perfect day for your adventure. Am completely smitten with your daughter's coat, by the way.

  2. Hey did you delete my comment? I commented yesterday!

  3. If I did, Stacy, it wasn't intentional. Often messages end up in my junk mail and I have to move them to my inbox to approve comments--I didn't see your message?-- sorry!



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