Thursday, November 18, 2010

November :: The Space Between

Oh November. All at once you are here, arriving promptly after Halloween with nary a moment to accept the change. It seems we went from long days outside to many blissful days of nesting inside. Beds seem harder to leave in the morning, out of reluctance to leave the sun filled spaces, the warm flannel sheets and layers of quilts. In this house, changes are happening all around us, all good, but change and I have never seen eye to eye, and I find myself seeking known, cozy, well-trod corners for comfort. November-not quite anything. Not autumn. Not like October is autumn. The harvest meal of thanks always feels too late. And it's not yet Yule. And yet, the days fill with the busyness of putting by the last harvest, visiting friends, new beginnings, renewing spaces, preparing for the next season. November is all those things, yet it also provides us with a time to pause, to reflect and transition. November signifies change and yet it's the last stop before a new year rushes upon us, it's the half birthdays of my children and the month of lavender sunsets at 5pm.

Here is our November, that space between.

The bed taunts. Quit taunting, bed.
just out of bed
a lovely morning

5pm, time to close the shutters.
I see november out my window
november sunset

Odd sighting in downtown Portland.
things that make us go hmmm...
someone has to move the bodies

Alex bottles all that wine.
bottling wine
four gallons of blackberry wine
bottling day
the wine

Time with friends.
must stop at gamestop
olivia + haley

The beach.
november beach

love this light

Cracking myself up.

My new favorite meme, Privilege Denying Dude.

Origami unschool class, here, taught by fellow unschooler, Ben, who is fabulous.

origami class
modular pinwheels

Where we'll be at midnight, tonight.

And this weekend we take Olivia to her second stint at MIT's Splash!
MIT ESP Splash 2006
from François @'s


  1. Wow! Your writing and pictures really evoke your life in November. Those beds and quilts were calling me too and I think I'm going to take a nap with my cat. Thanks for the mood lifter, Amy.

  2. What beautiful, beautiful photos! I always feel at peace when I read your blog :)

  3. Oh, look at that wine! :) And those beach shots always make me wish for ocean. Love it!

  4. It's 9PM now in Oregon, so I know where you are! I will have to wait until Saturday for Harry. I can't wait! Hope you and the family have a great time.

  5. Hope you enjoyed the movie...for me, I'm afraid that bed would have been taunting way too loudly. ;)



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