Friday, April 15, 2011

A Glimpse Of Their Days: Learning In Freedom

One of these days I'll both a)shake this bit of writer's block I have and b)make time to write. Until that happens, here's a glimpse, a mere hint at our days. This is just some of what we do instead of school. There's hours spent with focused attention, which leads to mastering skills. Passions are followed, inspiration is acted upon and discussion happens every moment. There's enormous amounts of independence, on bikes, building fires, crafting, designing, creating, learning. There's visits to the friend with goats, the friend that bikes all day long with them, from one end of town to the other. There's the books read and discussed and treasured. There's music found, absorbed and knitted into their lives. There's the presence of a parent, a confidant, a friend, for hand holding, for hugs, for comfort, assistance, support and fun shared. It's days spent in consensual living. We live without school's interference in our lives, our days belong to us, to them. This is just a little of what their days look like.

unschooling, fire starters
instead of school
bike ride
visiting goats
in the studio with my girl
Adam showing me his Minecraft tower
unschooling: sewing
Adam in pottery class
Olivia in pottery class


  1. i tried commenting, but i think i accidentally erased it.

    very similar to our lovely free days! the fire, the bike rides, the creating, the farm animals ;)

  2. Beautiful childhoods... lucky kids:)

  3. Lucky kids! Feeling rather envious of the freedom your family has live in the moment.



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