Sunday, July 10, 2011

Let's Discuss Technology and Learning...

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Today I'm over at Unearth and Fathom, my unschooling and learning blog, talking about the ways in which we use technology and whether digital learning reduces us to passive relays for information or if its the key to knowing the previously unknown and unknowable.

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  1. I find it interesting that people lament the lack of technology in the schools as not preparing kids to be competitive with asian countries. And then they in the same breath will discredit the use of technology as a crutch or mental off switch. Which is it? So silly.

    We are just all of these old people going on about something we don't understand. Kids are using technologies, learning, exploring and interacting with things we didn't have as kids. Just because I listened to an 8-track (with a shoulder strap!), rode in the car without a seatbelt, and went to skating parties wearing polyester, doesn't mean that is how my children should live. I also didn't have computers that were really functional as more than a typewriter until college and had to teach myself everything in order to even have a job. And re-learn new applications every few years to keep it. Who knows what the future of technology, jobs, science and all of that will be. My kids are smarter for it, adaptable, interactive and can figure things out so is fantastic. I'm sure those skill will be just as important in the future as building teepees with sticks or climbing trees. Oh wait, they can do that too. ;)



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