Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How We Spent Our Summer

Before we head out to the fabulous Northeast Unschooling Conference, our second, I'll leave you with a bit of what some of our summer has looked like.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, part 2, of course.
HP7 Part 2

Evening swims in very cold water.

evening swim
cool blues during the heat wave
dos cuties

And the sandy walk back up the hill.

the sandy walk home

The July heat wave. Wrapping freezer packs and putting them in the guinea pig cage and discovering their fondness for frozen wild Maine blueberries. Sympathizing with the miserable cats. The day I picked the kids up at camp and the temperature read 106F-in Maine. Closing all the windows and shutters inside and then opening them back up, realizing a hot sea breeze was better than none.

much too hot

Spicy Indian food outside one of those still, humid evenings.

spicy meal on a hot night

Another day at Sebago Lake.

the best time
that end of a day at the lake kind of tired

That morning we saw the hotel and night club fire downtown.

hotel fire

Visiting friends and their new home and farm and helping with a bit of painting before their fifth baby arrives (any day now).

lovely ladies

The everyday things, like making dinner, cleaning house, picking tomatoes and basil from our garden, hanging laundry and making enough dough for what turned out the be four trays of cinnamon rolls, four French loaves and four honey wheat loaves. Just the usual.

the making dinner time: an everyday moment
red quinoa, red leaf and cucumber salad with soft eggs
bruschetta fixings
twilight tomatoes
radical homemaking today: enough dough for eight loaves
a boxfull for her camping trip

Watching guinea pigs nap. Feeding guinea pigs veggies from the garden. Laughing as they roll tomatoes around and dribble seeds down their chins.

Annabelle is so content in her patch of sun
I'm so glad I brought the guinea pigs outside for fresh air and they could nap on the towel
Beatrice is very content in her new hideaway.

And lately, looking for rainbows as the storms roll in, grateful for the rains soaking the garden in a matter of minutes and loving the periwinkle light of the evening, summer sky in August.

plum tree in the rain
sweet peas in the rain
so pretty
cherry tomatoes
hints of September


  1. Sounds like a great summer! I can't believe it's over already :(

  2. A beautiful glimpse into your family's Summertime. Thanks



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