Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Around The Kitchen Table

We enjoyed yet another Thanksgiving with family at the Bradstreet homestead, yesterday. The turkey was deep fried to crispy brown, outside in the dooryard, and while none of us were at all sure a turkey should be flaky, it was devoured in good humor.

the in-laws are frying a turkey this year
reminiscent of the Christmas Vacation turkey? Perhaps.

With twelve of us around the kitchen table, it was elbow to elbow and all the cozier for it. After seats were decided, we served up all the traditional fare, poured wine and tried our very best to save room for pie.

deciding the seating
cozy around the table
let's eat!
turkey dinner
Adam's pumpkin pie
let hilarious pie-eating commence

After dinner, the grandparents agreed to sit and watch Christmas Vacation and I think the best part was watching the grandparents laugh at all the same, beloved jokes that we laugh at. The turkey scene seemed especially funny this year.

Later, Heather got out cases of very old family photos and Alex and his dad tracked down some slides of the homestead from the 1950s. Thinking about all those generations that had lived on the land and in the very same house, seemed fitting for a Thanksgiving evening, spent with great aunts, grandparents, parents and children. Gazing upon photos and hearing some of the personal stories of Olivia and Adam's great-great-great grandparents, made me ever so grateful for all that we have.

my husband's great-great-grandparents
viewing the generations
the homestead in 1951
the Bradstreet land

Family, at the homestead, gathered around the kitchen table; a Thanksgiving to be remembered.


  1. Amy - I love your Bradstreet Homestead posts, and I believe an old friend of ours ate dinner yesterday very close to where you were! How interesting it is to learn about past generations, especially when there are still family members around who can pass on the interesting details.



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