Sunday, December 25, 2011

Yule: Eleventh Day

Our day in snapshots. One highlight: Olivia gave Adam a coupon book she made for him, which included things like this coupon good for two guinea pig exercise set-up and take-downs or this coupon good for one Minecraft-friendly ear, complete with whimsical drawings. Just witnessing Olivia's joy in giving something she made, and seeing Adam's joy at receiving it, was a perfect summation of our day.

From our home to yours, we Wish you and yours, the very merriest of seasons!

Santa was here
reading Santa's note
merry morning
silver and candy
stacks of cookies
Good Yule to All!
wishing you the very merriest
looking alike
Olivia made Adam an adorable coupon book. He was so tickled.
she clearly adores her brother
"This coupon is good for one Minecraft-friendly ear" :: gifts from the heart #siblings
little things
guinea pig necklace
Pagan Christmas
they gave us a homesteading book
books and art sets
peace offering
easy supper :: fondue
it snows on Christmas


  1. Amy- I just wanted to "stop-by" and wish all of the Bradsteets a wonderful Yule Season. I so enjoy reading your blog and getting to share in your family's meaningful life. Here's to the New Year! May yours be filled with Health, Happiness,Family,and Nature's Gifts!

  2. Dear Lexa, thank you so much for stopping by and for your warm wishes! I'm so grateful you have been along to keep me company. A blessed New Year to you as well!



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