Friday, December 23, 2011

Yule: Ninth Day

Ah, so we're in the final stretch before Santa, before loads more cooking and baking, before a houseful of family, before total, blissful relaxation. Make no mistake-we enjoy every bit of making Yule. To sustain us, I made up a big pot of minestrone for dinner, which will also be there for nourishing leftovers tomorrow, at the height of busyness.

Now, the table is cleared, the dishes are done and so the wrapping begins. I'll get asked to demonstrate mitered corners and bow-tying. We'll take joy in the preparing, the presentation and making something extra special for someone, giggle at the surprises held within the packages. In just a few days, with our loved and cherished gathered here in our home, we'll delight in the giving.

sustaining soup
ah, so we meet again
down the wrapping hole
miles of ribbon to go
organized mess

1 comment:

  1. and now i am craving minestrone something fierce...

    happy happy to you!



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