Saturday, December 17, 2011

Yule: Third Day

Today, Adam and Olivia began the cookie making. They made all the pressed cookies and they finalized their plans for a gingerbread house. It took many hours of making dough, rolling out dough and baking to get house walls, so assembly will have to wait until tomorrow. (Did I mention negotiation? Yes. There was a great deal of that as well.) They discovered some issues with the recipe and this is the first house they've made themselves (not from a kit), so now they understand better how the dough shrinks, or how fragile it gets once it's baked. But that's all part of gaining experience in the kitchen. We find recipes that work, or don't and those that need tweaking or scratched entirely. And sometimes we find those recipes that stay with us for years and years, in treasured books, passed down from family bakers and cooks. We'll be using many of those in the coming days, certainly, as we fill tins with bon-bons, pinwheels and cutouts.

making pressed cookies
cookie making begins
gingerbread cutouts
laying out gingerbread
gingerbread house walls
big bear gingerbread
cookie books


  1. Amy, I am enjoying your Yule posts and find them so uplifting. The "from scratch" gingerbread house is impressive! (And by the way, your new profile picture is stunningly beautiful!)

  2. Muffy, thank you so much, you are sweet!



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