Friday, January 13, 2012

January Days

Following the constant activity of autumn and the holidays, January is a treasured time for renewal, nesting and nurturing and dreaming. We hunker down into warmth and engrossing books, seek inspiration in gardening and home books or photography on places like Pinterest and ease back into routines.

So far this month, we've been assisting Alex's parents with some decisions on their home after a break-in (on Boxing Day) left some kitchen pipes exposed to the cold, which led to flooding in their downstairs. The mess and headache they have been dealing with is stressful, and we're helping however we can. Although, we have been getting a few more visits in, so that's been positive. Adam recently spent the good part of a day in the garage with Papa, rebuilding a bulkhead.

Adam helping Papa rebuild the bulkhead #unschooling
Papa's workshop

During these visits, we've been discussing the homestead a great deal and Alex and I have been doing some research on the land and Bradstreet history as a result. As a family, we decided to blog our research and thoughts, and one day we may share that work with you. For now it's a private pursuit, and one that is requiring a good deal of time, so if you wonder where I've been, now you know. In my research, I did stumble on this photo of the homestead. I'm not certain what the date is (if that's a date written along the bottom at all). It looks like 1820 to me, but as my brother-in-law reminded me, that wouldn't be possible, photographically (and the house wasn't built until 1864). More research!

vintage postcard of Bradstreet homestead

With time to reflect and partake in the comforts of home, we've found ourselves enjoying ever more, the guinea pigs. Beatrice and Annabelle each have distinct personalities (Beatrice loves Alex and happily accepts a long cuddle and pat on his lap and Annablle snuggles into Adam's neck, and according to Olivia, uses her teeth like a multi-tool). When we put them in their exercise pen each day, they love being near the fire (don't worry, we make sure they don't overheat), chattering to Max the cat, and eating three salads a day. Frozen Maine wild blueberries continue to be their favorite treat. They are sweet, funny and very easy to love.

cuddly girl
sweet Annabelle
just eating
playtime & lunch, keeping cozy

And yesterday, we finally got a real winter snowfall.

finally snow, finally.
snow dove
an evening for shoveling

January is a good month for pausing, catching our breath and allowing days to simply unfold. While the snow comes and the cold settles in, we'll renew our energies, passions and dream good dreams.


  1. Hello Amy! It's been so long since I've been here for a visit. I've been slowly reconnecting with blog friends.

    So sorry to hear about the break-in and water damage. Upsetting the peace at the homestead for sure.

    We had a guinea pig for many years... such sweet pets they are.

    It was good to stop in for a visit. Enjoy the rest of your January break.

    Many blessings! ~Anet

  2. Oh your guinea pigs look so happy.I love reading your blog.

  3. Love the pictures! You have an eye for photography, that's for sure! The guinea pigs are adorable but I won't show them to my Hannah or I fear we would have to get one. lol

  4. I just realized what your blog is: a spa! I come here to unwind, to get rejuvenated, to prepare to engage with my world anew, all fresh and exfoliated of worldly crapola.

    Thank you!

  5. "...we'll renew our energies, passions and dream good dreams." Mmmm, what a wonderful purpose for cold January days.
    I am passing on the Liebster Blog award to you. Your blog continues to be one of my biggest inspirations. Thank you for taking the time to share snippets of your life. You can find more about the award at my post here:



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