Sunday, March 18, 2012

Almost Spring

In the almost spring, our days get busier, our energy changes and we begin to slowly crack open our winter shells, where we incubated ideas, passions, simple joys; where we dared to dream. We begin to peek outside, to exercise our extroversion. The bikes come out, walks happen more often. Imaginings take form, as pencil is put to paper, constantly. We cheer on the garden as it too, stretches out of its winter bonds. We're waking up; dreams are shaped into reality, in this almost spring.

good morning, low tide
first flower
tucked away until tomorrow's sun
Adam, 12.5, takes pencil & paper with him everywhere
two cats bird watching
mantle vignette


  1. Amy, I love the photo of your cats. And the pussywillow! :)
    Happy Equinox.

  2. Simply gorgeous pictures as always :) And spring has turned into my favorite season of the year. I always feel a new rush of energy.



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