Saturday, May 12, 2012

Portal To Prom

Fresh from their choral performance on Thursday, the kids opted to sing, as geeks are wont to do, the end credit songs to the phenomenal video games Portal and Portal 2 at yesterday's Homeschool Talent Show. The talent show has been hosted by friends for the entire homeschooling community for some years and it's a great way to launch into the summer season and look at all the fun, creative learning that has been happening over the year(s), plus the parents get a chance to celebrate our joyful non-schooling community. Per usual, Adam and Olivia proved to be uber geeks and no one in the group knew the game, (but now they all are curious!) Folks seemed to get the rather sardonic tone, regardless.

Not a great video, but here's a sample:

Following the talent show, it was home again quick for a late lunch, a bit of time to relax and then time to get dressed in their finest for the Homeschool Prom, last night. Yes, prom. We had been prom planning for months and it was finally time to assemble the bits and pieces, figure out hair and take photos. I spent some time with Olivia while she applied her make-up and Alex helped Adam dress. Adam was feeling a bit underwhelmed, I think, even though he liked the tux he had picked (with tipped lapels and lime green waistcoat and bow tie--Alex says, it is always appropriate to wear a pocket square and a boutonniere) since he had heard that hardly any other boys would be in attendance. He was gracious enough to allow me to fuss, and I crossed my fingers that the evening wouldn't be a complete bore for him.

getting ready for her first prom #unschooling #unschoolprom #teens #prom #firsts
he's not certain about this whole prom idea #prom #firsts #teens #unschoolprom #unschooling
cutie pie

To clarify, the Homeschool Prom was designed to be a formal affair, but not focused on finding dates. Anyone ages 13-18, in the homeschooling community (and friends or guests) were welcome. This welcoming, friendly arrangement really seemed to confuse the florist I ordered the kids' flowers from, since she couldn't get past the notion that Olivia and Adam were not dating each other.

Once Olivia finished getting purty, she finished dressing and then she squealed several times and gushed profuse thanks for getting her her dress she lovesloveslovesthankyousomuchmommyanddaddyfordoingallofthis. Our darling girl, you are so welcome and so deserving.

beauty in black #prom #firsts #teens #unschoolprom @oliviaconsiders
red tresses #unschoolprom #teens #firsts #prom #unschooling

Look at these two. Oh my heart.

siblings headed to prom #unschooling #unschoolprom #teens #firsts #prom

With Adam still looking a little doubtful about the evening ahead and Olivia looking so happy, we packed them into our unlimo and drove the hour to the prom. (Olivia didn't want to attempt driving in her fancy heels.)

not a limo #unschooling #prom #firsts #teens #unschoolprom

As we watched the kids ascend the stairs, we hoped with toes and fingers crossed, that the night would go well for them both. We drove away, knowing we'd hear one way or the other in four hours.

arrival #unschooling #prom #firsts #teens #unschoolprom

And if I had looked at my phone at all during that four hours, I would have seen silly, funny tweets and photos coming in from Adam. But I didn't, so it wasn't until we picked them up that we suddenly knew, that the night had gone just fine, thanks, for both of them. Adam was back to his cheerful, happy self, he hadn't been the only guy in attendance and he chatted a blue streak the entire way home. He had obviously had a good-enough time. And there was a certain rumor about a certain young lady having a certain last dance with a somebody. I have only unconfirmed reports at this time. Olivia just seemed pleased and she was up long past 1am, processing the night. I think their first prom experience was very positive and I think we'd all be interested in having another go or two in the coming years.


  1. One gorgeous young lady and one handsome young man you have there!!

    I showed the talent show video to my own uber-geek son and he picked it straight away :)

    1. My kids would like to know your son, in that case! Thanks, Kez!

  2. I can tell just from looking at your kids that they're people I'd like to know. Such a pleasure to watch them grow up.

    1. Thank you so much, Gabrielle! This is one of the best comments I've ever had on here and it means more than you know, thank you.



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