Saturday, August 4, 2012

Just Us At The Beach

So many times on very hot and humid days, we wait until around five o'clock to head down to the beach. It's less crowded then, it's less miserably hot and we savor the cool water and the eventual setting sun and if it's low tide, the endless wet sand underfoot. Often we meet up with friends and we only leave once our bodies run out of fuel and back home we must go, to put something on the grill while everyone gets clean. These are always good evenings and we've had many of them, but I still catch myself thinking of our toddlers, our little children, full of energy for one last wave, one last sand castle, the no I'm not tireds, and I forget that our children are now teens. Still seeking one last wave, one last walk down the beach, only now they can walk themselves back up the hill and they stay awake during dinner. They've grown, these children of ours and Alex and I, we've grown older, too. So I take pictures, I try to etch these evenings, these passing summers in my own mind, so we know, we see and remember, just us at the beach.

me with my love #love #beach #maine #marriage

Adam with his best friend, Noah
friends since they were toddlers #bestfriends #teens #beach #maine
so in love with you... #husband #love #marriage #oob #beach #maine
mother and daughter #beach #love #selfportrait #teen #daughter
I made this (I had help) #son #teen #beach #maine #love
mother and son #teen #son #selfportrait #love #beach
low tide at sunset #oob #summer #maine #beach
sunset #beach #maine #oob #summer


  1. That picture of you and your son (3 from the bottom) is so, so beautiful. Wow.

  2. Another gorgeous post that has me a) wishing we lived closer and b) all choked up. Your beautiful words, reflections on days gone by and gorgeous pictures are just so moving. I see so many of my own thoughts and experiences in your posts and am so looking forward to all that is instore for us that I feel like I have a sneak peek of each time I read about your goings on! Such a beautiful life we in this amazing community get to live! Thanks for sharing your insights and wisdom! <3

  3. Oh Shel, you're so sweet! It would indeed be lovely to see you more frequently! You won't regret one moment spent with your darling girls.

  4. Oh, how I would love to see you more often too! Maybe we can plan a visit sometime this fall! And you are so right about not regretting one moment spent with my sweet girls! I can't imagine my days without them right by my side! :)



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