Monday, September 10, 2012

A Fruitful Weekend

Having had a couple of hectic weeks and two consecutive weekends not spent at home, I was adamant that this weekend, we needed to finally harvest the peaches, grapes and some of our vegetable garden. Peaches were dropping to the ground, some of the broccoli had bolted (I left the blossoms for the bees) and the cardinals were relishing every single grape they popped with their beaks. We simply had to make time to deal with the garden.

I need to get in the garden today, despite the rain, to harvest peaches, apples, beets, beans and tomatoes. #organicgarden #urbangarden #maine

On Saturday, the remnants of tropical storm Leslie was buffeting our trees and I feared our peach tree, so laden with pounds of fruit, would crack. So after breakfast, out we went, with paper bags, bowls and shirts pulled up to cradle our harvest.

reaching high for peaches #organicgarden #urbangarden #maine
peach harvesting #maine #organicgarden #urbangarden #zone6a

And despite losing about twenty pounds to drops, animals or insects and to some fungal infestations, (which we plan to address after the tree is dormant with organic approved methods), we still managed to get thirty pounds of organic peaches, which will be eaten now, plus made into pies and jam and possibly wine.

peach harvest #organicgarden #urbangarden #zone6a #maine #nofilter
some of the prettiest peaches this harvest #organicgarden #urbangarden #maine #madisonpeach

Enjoying our blustery day out in the garden, we harvested some beets, red cabbage, tomatoes, beans, and chard, too.

a few things harvested from our garden today #organicgarden #urbangarden #zone6a
chard, cabbage and beets from our garden #organicgarden #urbangarden

Once I realized how hungry we all were, I went inside to cut up about two pounds of plum and cherry tomatoes for a pasta salad for dinner while Alex and the kids tackled the grape vines. The cardinals scolded and protested the taking of their grapes with their loud and shrill peeping.

harvesting the grapes #organicgarden #urbangarden #maine #heirloom
two grape guys #unschooling #organicgarden #urbangarden #harvest

Reliance Seedless have a citrus quality, with a grapefruit tang

Reliance Seedless grapes have a citrusy, almost grapefruit flavor #organicgarden #urbangarden #maine #zone6a

King of the North grapes are much like a Concord, and are well-suited to Maine's climate

King of the North grapes are similar to Concords but ate better suited to Maine's climate #organicgarden #urbangarden #zone6a
more King of the North grapes, so intensely blue #organicgarden #urbangarden #zone6a

The total grape harvest was twenty-two pounds. Organic grapes.

twenty-two pounds of organic grapes #organicgarden #urbangarden #zone6a #maine #harvest

With only a little bit of light left, we rushed to the shore to see the roaring surf, knowing the bags and bags of peaches and grapes needed to be dealt with but thinking that was a task better suited for Sunday.

tried to capture the white caps splashing (and never got a great shot.) #oldorchardbeach #maine #surfadvisory #tidegoingout

Sunday was a good day for many things: an impromptu and welcome visit from friends who stayed for a casual dinner, and didn't mind the bowls and bowls of grape juice cooling on the counter, their son's excited laughter during a video game with Adam and their littlest dancing on the deck. Best of all, getting to know our friends just a little bit better.

we had an easy Sunday dinner of crockpot Mac-n-cheese, ham, beans from the garden and Alex has started the grapes for wine and jam making and the house is happily busy with friends visiting. #goodday
we had to show Josh the chessboard -with @railyuh #unschooling #instalater
so happy that @railyuh and family have stopped by to visit with us, today!
hanging with @railyuh and family #unschooling

By Sunday evening, the house was full of good jam-making smells. Alex told me he made up 4 1/2 pints of jam and the rest, the rest of the grapes are going to wine-making. It was a good weekend.

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  1. Love the pics as usual. And love that you have such fresh veggies and fruits in your backyard. yum!!



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