Thursday, November 8, 2012

Everything Changes: Autumn, Meet Winter

On my way up to bed, after yanking my political junkie self away from more election commentary (I'm still pinching myself and feel like I'm living the happy ending of a feel-good movie--watch this for goosebumps), I saw that it was snowing.

autumn , meet winter

This morning, my thought is that it seems appropriate that our autumn landscape is freshened and invigorated by the crispness of a first snowfall, just now. A new era has been ushered in, peacefully and willfully and with a majority by people who are done with a decaying political platform and the old, musty, gnarled and stagnant leaders who propped it up.

in the snow

Everything changes now. Autumn meets Winter and winter is clear and the horizon is in sight now that the leaves are gone from the trees. Everything is brought into beautiful relief.

korean ash leaf
winter in autumn

Winter is alive, and hardy things thrive. So many of us worked, waited and hung in there, even when things looked hopeless, we continued to push forward anyway.

cold hardy parsley

Autumn is being ushered out. Everything changes. And it is good as clean fallen snow.

everything changes

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