Thursday, November 1, 2012

Our Halloween: Changelings

we almost always carve our pumpkins on Samhain day #unschooling #samhain #halloween
carving our jack-o-lanterns #unschooling #samhain #halloween

Our teens planned for their Samhain, or Halloween far in advance, as they do every year. I complain a bit if the discussion begins in June, simply not feeling like thinking about late autumn before summer has arrived. When Olivia heard that a band she liked would be performing a benefit concert for the Maine's equal marriage campaign, she got her tickets early. Adam, on the other hand, decided he wanted to trick-or-treat with his friend Noah, and we're not about to tell our kids they can't dress up in costume and take part in Halloween festivities just because they've reached a certain age. So about a month ago, he decided to he'd dress up as every one's favorite secret agent, 007.

Bond, James Bond #halloween #samhain #teen
Adam with best friend Noah - Olivia says that Adam really is in a monkey suit now that he's walking around with a banana #halloween #samhain
three teens agree: they want you to vote Yes on 1 #yeson1 #equalmarriage #maine

So I stayed home so I could do my usual Samhain ritual of making the house cozy and welcoming. I hosted the boys and met our few trick-or-treaters at the door and Alex went with Olivia (who unfortunately wasn't feeling very well) to the the fun. concert.

Our Halloweens are changing, as our children grow, as it should be. I suspect some year no one will want to trick-or-treat or dress in costume. There will be more concerts, more dates, more parties, other events, other interests that will mark theirs, (as well as mine and Alex's) Halloweens.

she's off to a concert this Halloween
Olivia (feeling a bit under the weather) is off to the FUN concert and Adam/Bond is off in search of candy #halloween #samhain #unschooling #teens
Adam as Bond

As long as they are willing to stand under our apple tree or pose in character for me while I snap photos, I am grateful. Our teens are growing so fast, changing, evolving into young adults. Everyday they have important things to say, observations to make and good to contribute. Samhain, Halloween, has always marked transformation, and my awareness of this becomes more acute as my children grow. They are changelings, indeed.

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