Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Making A List And Checking It Twice : Yule : Fifth Day

Today was the day for cleaning all the things, primarily the kitchen, so the baking and candy making can begin in earnest. I washed all the dishes, the milk glass, the pottery, the mixing bowls, wiped down everything top to bottom. The spices jars received a polish and tidy and I oiled all our wood spoons and butcher blocks. Having no room left in our limited cupboard space, the many, many bars of chocolate destined for peppermint bark, truffles and peanut clusters, went into a large bowl with all the extra ingredients we'll need in the coming days for baking. Next to that is another bowl filled with cookie cutters. Everything is organized and at our fingertips.

list making and cleaning all the things #yule

This month has been all about making lists, too. Shopping and errand lists, to-do lists, menus, who's going where and when lists, helping out family lists--thank goodness for lists. Truly. Otherwise, we might not be able to discern thine ass from thine elbow. Oh, and checking it twice, mustn't forget that bit.

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