Thursday, March 21, 2013

Aw Gee Mom and A Happy Easter To You

It must be said: this Easter is light years different from last year's Easter. I mean, it snowed another ten inches here, on Tuesday. After all the previous winter's snow had melted, I might add. So there's that. Granted, this year is far more normal and expected than the 80F degrees of 2012's March Madness. I was kind of looking forward to seeing all the daffodils that we planted last fall, come up. More waiting.

making the effort

hardy daffodils

first day of spring : ice in the bird bath

nary a green patch

mostly dormant

Because of the snow, the Hare left baskets and cleverly hidden eggs inside, this year. Oh, and yes, we celebrate Easter on the vernal equinox, because we're secular pagans.

Easter : Ostara

See? Cleverly hidden, as I said.

egg hunt

cleverly hidden

snow out there

we see you, egg


Now, you might not be able to tell from the photos, but my enormous teens are barely tolerating our Easter ritual, as it's always been practiced. I mean, they balked at hunting for eggs! Then get this- Olivia says, "please don't tag me on Facebook." :clutches heart: Okay. She acts like she's sixteen or something. Oh wait. Basically, they laughed at me a lot.

barely tolerating this ritual

indoor egg hunt

it's basically all for me, now

oh just do it for me, kid

no longer wee babes

like the dawn

That's alright. They were good to me and let me have one last Easter like this. I suppose next year we'll have to mature things up a notch (you know, when my wee babes will be seventeen and nearly fifteen!)

Other than that, our day is pretty relaxed. Alex made us a nice breakfast and we'll get devilish with some eggs later, the sun is shining, mostly, and I'll try to resist taking umpteen million photos of these gorgeous ranunculus.

pink + green


Happy Spring! Blessed Easter!

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  1. Those are surely some cleverly hidden eggs, my friend! Oh, and I love the pictures of the egg hunt, especially that first one of Olivia where it *totally* looks like she's humoring you! :)

    Happy Easter!



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