Wednesday, May 15, 2013

In The Garden : Flowering

Well, we have finally had some much needed rain, which means now, the garden is greening and the fruit trees are blossoming. We've planted our vegetable bed, the peas are up, the rhubarb needs harvesting and every day, I make to do lists for two houses and two gardens. Every little thing that needs done, needs to be done twice, both here and at the farm. (If you're looking for an update about what's been happening, there, read this.) Let's just say, this spring and summer are going to be interesting. And very full. (It's all good, though, reallyreally.)

These photos are from May 4, and already, there's so much more growth.

peach blossom



beautiful Saturday



garden scene

From May 8.

against a gray sky

coral red

plum blossoms

little apple buds

I know, squirrels can be a nuisance. But this particular squirrel stays close by when we are out in the garden and poses for photos. I can't help being smitten.

our friendly squirrel

On the way to the kids' choir concert, last week, we saw a moose.


And this week.

The Kwanzan cherry is blooming

crabapple #nofilter

plum tree is so tall now

pear tree


cherry blossoms

red bud morning

It makes me exceedingly happy to see all these future apples, plums, peaches and pears, blooming in our little garden by the sea.

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